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When you are looking for a new or used car, our reputable Hailey, ID car lenders and auto dealerships can help you finance it. Our car loan application requires three minutes of your time, and we enjoy some of the top approval rates in Idaho.

Hailey ID Auto Loans

Having good credit is necessary for the lowest annual percentage rates, but few of us really enjoy favorable credit. Our service is especially beneficial for anyone attempting to find bad credit cars in Hailey, ID. That’s because you won’t have to drive around Hailey, applying in person and dealing with various rejections.

Don’t forget that a bad credit used car loan in Hailey is one of the best ways to restore your credit.

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Let’s discuss your finances. In most cases, it is best if your car payment accounts for no more than 10% of your monthly income. Hailey consumers make salaries of approximately $42,730 annually. Here is a quick analysis of an average consumer’s Hailey car loan budget:

Yearly Earnings: $42,730
Per Month Earnings: $3,561
Payment: $356
Vehicle Cost: $14,956

Are you planning on offering a down payment? You might want to, especially if the vehicle you want is brand new. Cars and trucks, especially brand new ones, depreciate quickly. Putting money down will help prevent you from being upside down on your car loan. Then again, we have dealerships who offer zero down payment cars in Hailey, ID. If you do want to offer up a down payment, 10 to 20% is standard. If your vehicle is priced at $14,956, that is an advance payment of $1,496 to $2,991.

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No Credit Check Cars in Hailey, ID

In Hailey, no credit check car loans may be the wrong option for people with a bad credit score. Auto Loans Idaho can find you dealerships in Hailey that approve bad credit; however, they don’t have a lot of the drawbacks of Hailey buy here pay here and in house financing car lots. Also remember, our Hailey auto loan providers and car dealers submit your payments to the credit bureaus, while a lot of Hailey buy here pay here car lots don’t.

Hailey Dealerships and Auto Lenders

  • Sutton & Sons Auto Center, 711 N Main St, 83333
  • Dave’s Bestway Automotive, 4160 Black Oak Drive, 83333
  • Sutton & Sons Auto Center, 701 North Main Street, 83333
  • Hailey Auto Exchange, Myrtle & Main, 83333